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JULY/AUGUST 2011 - Verniciatura industriale

(Protection against corrosion with waterborne coatings, pipes to turbines and other devices in hydroelectric plants)

Verniciatura industriale - LUGLIO-AGOSTO 2011.jpg (1)
MAY 2011 - Verniciatura industriale

(The service provided to the coaters on their own behalf or for customer as a strong point of distributors with tintometric system)

ColorVilla - MAGGIO 2011.jpg

NOVEMBER 2010 - Verniciatura industriale

(Water paints and certified cycles are the south's answer to the economic slowdown)

Vernici all'acqua - NOVEMBRE 2011.jpg

SEPTEMBER 2010 - Verniciatura industriale

(New Selemix micaceous iron oxide colour card)

cartella colore ferro micaceo -SETTEMBRE 2010.jpg

MAY 2010 - Verniciatura industriale

(A global leader launches the challenge for new water-borne products in industrial boduwork sector and in the small and medium metalworking and mechanical engineering industry)

leader mondiale - MAGGIO2010.jpg